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We Build Tough Baits!


We build custom, hand made baits for big toothy fish. Here is what you get.

  • WOOD - We use the finest, knot less Western Red  Cedar or Eastern White Cedar. We believe that this wood gives the bait the best possible action. 
  • SEALER - After shaping, each bait is soaked in a high grade sealer to lay a foundation to the waterproofing process.
  • HARDWARE - All screw eyes and line ties are .092 stainless steel. They are epoxied in the bait and will not pull out.
  • SPLIT RINGS - Each bait is equipped with Wolverine, stainless steel, 3X split rings. Overkill maybe, but they will never fail.
  • RATTLES - Loudest rattles you will ever hear in a wooden bait!!
  • DIVING LIPS - 1/8" Lexan (polycarbonate) is nearly indestructible. You can bottom crash rocks, stumps, whatever all day with minimal wear and tear.
  • EYES - In our opinion eyes are a very important part of the bait. We use different types of eyes, depending on the bait. Some glass, some plastic. All of them are attention getters and are 3-D for that extra realism.
  • HOOKS - Hooks are a big factor in baits...we run VMC model 8650, cone cut trebles on all of our Musky baits. Super sharp with excellent penetration without touch up. You will be amazed at how sharp these hooks are!
  • PAINT - We airbrush all the baits with a variety of quality paints.....Createx Auto Air, Wildlife Colors by Smith Paints, Golden Airbrush Paints and Polytranspar Taxidermy paints.
  • FINISH - We finish the baits with several coats of super gloss,hard epoxy for maximum clarity and durability.
  • TESTING - We tank test each bait to make sure they run straight and true. Minimal tuning may be needed when in actual fishing situations.



Wooden baits will not look new forever. That is a fact! Even though we take precautions and build them to their peak, they will, under normal use, show wear. This shows us that the bait has character and catches fish. AWESOME! Here are some things you will see overtime and how to fix them.


HOOK RASH - Hook rash appears on the sides and sometimes bottoms of baits from the continuous pounding of the big trebles into the bait. This is especially noticeable when trolling at high speeds with the bigger baits and 5/0 hooks. We "T" all our trebles to minimize this but it will still happen. 

TOOTH HOLES - This is also one of those inevitable things that happen to wooden baits. Musky have big, nasty, sharp ass teeth and they will leave a mark. Our baits are very tough and will not come apart, but tooth marks do take their toll. That is why we take the time with all the steps to make sure the bait remains waterproof if punctured.

LEVERAGE IN THE NET - Anybody that has Musky fished knows what can happen in the net. Big fish thrash around, twist and turn, hooks get caught in the net and even with split rings, enormous pressure gets put on the screw eyes. Ours will not pull out, but again, this action may turn or bend the screw eyes.


To help offset this wear, after each season check bait over for signs of failure. You can call us for ways to correct this or send us the bait and we will do it for you.

One thing to remember, do not leave your baits out so they will freeze!!! Any moisture in the wood or under the clearcoat will freeze and crack your cleaercoat, keep them in an area above freezing!!!




I challenge you to find a better made wooden bait on the market.

These baits do catch big fish! 

Check out our picture gallery to see results from using our lures.

If there is a particular color that you want and we don't have, let us know and we will do our best to accommodate your wishes.


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