About Me

Hello everyone,

My name is Rod Jones and I am an avid sportsman and like to catch all kinds of fish, but I am a real sick Musky Nut....I live in Sault Ste. Marie Michigan in the Upper Penninsula surrounded by alot of great fishing. The following is a little background on how this all began.....

I got started in this crazy lure business about 15 years ago. My buddies and I were Musky fishing with some popular new baits and found that after several fish some were absolutely ruined....Some would not even work right after just a few fish. Most of the wooden baits were down to the wood and some even took on water. Knowing there was a better way, I started tinkering around with making my own. I have always tinkered with lures even when I was a kid so this would be fun...My son Bret started the business with me but found it wasn't his cup of tea....He was real good at building baits and can still do it but would rather fish with them than build them...

After countless hours of experimentation, frustration, trial and error and who knows how much $$$ and Coors Lite, I combined the design of several of the better fish catching baits and came up with a couple designs that were tough, would take alot punishment, look good but most of all catch fish.

I am retired now and do this and guide for my job or addiction whatever you want to call it, but it is in my blood now and I can't quit. Sometimes it gets in the way of my fishin and that's just the way it goes if you are going to do this....


I have just complicated everything. I am now a USCG Captain. This has been my dream to be a licensed guide on the Great Lakes and now it is coming true. We do charters for all species, but specialize in Musky. Check out our "Iva Biggen Charters" page and book a trip!!!



This is the "Iva Biggen" Musky Slayer...I am in love with this boat.....my wife is jealous...lol





I wasn't always a Musky Nut....I was really hooked on smallmouth for a long time...Picture at the left is one of my best ones, 23 inches long X 15 inch girth....they have taken a back seat to the Musky now however.

My other love is deer hunting....now why don't I have any time to do anything else???? Picture at left is Mule Deer from North Dakota 2009.